What is MUN?

MUN stands for Model United Nations and involves the academic simulation of United Nations committees or related committees such as the European Council. Participants gain a wide variety skills. They have the opportunity to learn more about international events, policies and ideas at the top of global discussions.

In an MUN participants assume the role of a representative of a nation, NGO, belligerent group in a war or another group with political representation. The representative will discuss and debate on topics as part of one the UN bodies; such as discussing and debating the issue of desertification in the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Research on the nation’s or group’s position and history is done before a conference or meeting so that the representative has the needed knowledge to discuss and debate the topic. A representative (also known as delegate) should use a wide variety of skills to develop a solution in the perspective of the nation or group they representing – or even tactically halt solutions from opposing nations or group.

Through participating they can improve their: spoken and written communication, confidence, diplomatic skills, negotiation skills, interpersonal skills, connections, perspective, conflict resolving, note taking,time management and many more. MUN conferences allow participants to meet other from all over the world and make new friends which could end up being kept for life. Among many other things, MUN conferences also allow; travel, experiencing new environments and an escape from lectures.

Conferences take place all over the world. In the UK they are usually held on Fridays and across the weekend, in other countries some conferences last up to a whole week. In terms of size, some conference reach around 2000 delegates, making some committees 100+ delegates strong. Others can be as small 60 delegates in one conference giving small committee sizes, but allowing the potential for more in depth discussions between certain nations or groups.

Here at the UN society we help you prepare for these conferences and hold our own more relaxed mini versions during some of our sessions to build towards the larger conferences. We also send delegations from our society to other UK conferences and aim to send at least one delegation abroad each year. If you are interested in this, see the section below to see how to the society.

Through participation you may also eventually apply to be on the organising committee of the society and hence of our very own conference at NottsMUN. By being on an organising committee you can further expand the skills you use such as: financial management and budgeting, team working, minute taking, application writing and many more. Applications and any required elections take place just before the spring holidays every year, keep tuned on the site, emails and members Facebook group for more information.