The Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee

The Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee is a committee dedicated to finding solutions to social and humanitarian issues across the globe. This committee deals with human rights issues and social development issues in respect to each delegations cultural norms and ethics. As the third committee of the General Assembly, SOCHUM seeks to improve conditions of life for all people and aid social development.

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SOCHUM Study Guide



The Climate Crisis, Disaster Displacement and Climate Migrants

Tackling the Phenomenon of Anti-Vaccination, Ensuring Good Health and Well-Being For Everyone


Committee email: [email protected]

Di Cohen

Di Cohen


Dimitra is from Athens, Greece, however the last 5 years she is living in the UK. Currently is finishing her dissertation to acquire her LLM in Human Rights at the University of Cardiff (Wales), with a focus on Health Governance and Mental Health Law.

She started MUN randomly in High School 7 years ago and she immediately fell in love with it. She has done pretty much everything in a conference: from Human Rights and WHO to Security Council and Crisis. Also, with MUN she had the chance to explore many countries: Greece, England, Germany, France, Spain and Israel! She enjoys arguing about Brexit, campaigning against antisemitism, bubble tea, making awful jokes and watching pointless shows on Netflix. She dislikes rude people and commercial music. Aside from (obviously) committee room you will probably find her either at the smoking area or searching for croissants and donuts.

This will be her first time in NottsMUN and she is very excited to serve as the Chair SOCHUM, which is one of her favourite committees. She is looking forward to meet you and have a great week learning about diplomacy and having fun in Nottingham.


Fun fact: She always wanted to have a pet raccoon but the laws regarding pets in England are an obstacle

Winnie Choong

Winnie Choong


[email protected]

Hi! My name is Choong Yun Ni or Winnie is alright too. I am currently a Year 2 student in Politics and International Relations (PHIR) here in University of Nottingham. My journey in MUN only began quite recently. This is my second time chairing aside from a few MUN conferences (mostly in Malaysia), but I do have a great passion for understanding How the World Works – and what better way to do so than to engage with it first hand in MUN and hear other perspectives at the same time? Feel free to email or talk to me if you have any questions or inquiries and I will try my best to help. See you soon!