Historical Joint Crisis Committee

Joint Crisis Committee

A crisis committee simulates emergency sessions that take place at the highest level of government. Crisis encourages participation as every action taken by each individual affects the outcome of each crisis situation.


The Second Punic War



Thomas Ron

Thomas Ron



Hi, my name is Thomas Ron. I am a third year PhD student at the University of York. I have been doing MUN for 11 years and I still love it. I currently study factionalism in mainstream political parties at the unviersity of York. I also am a member of the Labour Party and enjoy cooking and going on walks and watching late night comedy shows. I look forward to meeting everyone in this recreation of the Second Punic War

Badshah Kazi

Badshah Kazi

Assistant Director

I am Badshah and I am currently a Civil Engineering student at University College London in my third year and I am very exciting to be Assistant Director! I was born in Pakistan but have lived in various countries including Bosnia, Sudan, Uganda, but have recently settled in the UK. I started his MUN journey back in 2011 and accumulated a wealth of experience but became fascinated by the world of crisis when he began his university journey in early 2017. Ever since then, I have almost exclusively done crisis committees and has held various roles including being a Delegate, Chair, Cabinet Director, and directed four times before at Manchester, LSE, Zurich, and Cambridge. Outside of MUN, I can usually be found reading about history, astrodynamics, religion or working as a Maths tutor. As a result, I consider himself a well-rounded individual and able to hold an interesting conversation with anyone. Overall, this is one of my favourite conflicts to read about as Hannibal is one of my favourite generals (no bias here :D) and I look forward to meeting you all soon!