Hall of Fame

A catalogue of awards given to members past and present.
No Conference Name Committee/ Cabinet Country Type of Award
1 CUIMUN 2010 Kinner Shah FIFA Committee
2 LIMUN 2011 Philip Middleton
3 CUIMUN 2011 Jonas Sumares EU Greece Highly Commendable
4 LIMUN 2012 Bhakti Nair
Natasha Paray
5 CUIMUN 2012
6 NottsMUN 2012
7 WorldMUN 2012 Aatish Thakerar World Water Summit DR Congo Diplomacy Award
WarMUN 2013
Wahab Iqbal Honourable Mention
James Rathbone Honourable Mention
Annabel Turner Honourable Mention
9 CUIMUN 2013 Dipen Patel WIPO Spain Distinguished Delegate
10 ManMUN 2013 Stefano Obata General Assembly UK Honourable Mention
NottsMUN 2013
Annabel Turner Crisis Distinguished Delegate
Harry Chan Trilingual FSC Distinguished Delegate
Jamie Hodsdon Crisis Best Delegate
Priyanka Burumdoyal Global Compact Mexico Best Delegate
Rob Cranenburgh ITU Distinguished Delegate
Stefano Obata FSC Best Delegate
Tasabeeh Mohamed Trilingual FSC Best Delegate
WarMUN 2013
Wahab Iqbal Honourable Mention
James Rathbone Honourable Mention
Annabel Turner Honourable Mention
GSMUN 2014
Tom Bottomley Security Council China Best Delegate
Rhys Anderson Security Council Russian Federation Best Speaker
Tasabeeh Mohamed Best Delegate
Khalid Bakri Arab League Qatar Honourable Mention
Seyed Ali Marashi Arab League UAE Honourable Mention
BathMUN 2014
Synna Ong HRC China Outstanding Delegate
Wahab Iqbal HSC Argentina Best Delegate
WarMUN 2014
Felipe Cuello Chinese Cabinet President Best Delegate
Jamie Hodsdon Security Council Russian Federation Best Delegate
LIMUN 2014
Stefano Obata WFP CAR Outstanding Delegate
Lucie Street CAR Best Position Paper
Natasha Paray (2 awards) ICJ Advocate, Russia Best Advocate, Best Memorandum
Nicholas Wong DISEC CAR Honourable Mention
18 London Security Exercise 2014 Nicholas Wong Indian Independence Movement Achyut Patwardhan Honourable Mention
LeedsMUN 2014
Gihan Elleray Crisis USA (Secretary of Commerce) Best Delegate
William Ansell UNHRC UK Best Delegate
LufbraMUN 2014
Synna Ong FSC
Ismail Sadurdeen Best Delegate
NottsMUN 2016
Carlos Torrado Ortega Specpol Spain Distinguished Delegate
Chin Hwa Chow G20 Saudi Arabia Distinguished Delegate
YorkMun 2017
Michal Wichowski UNSC Russian Federation Distinguished Delegate
Samir Janmohamed UNSC United Kingdom Best Delegate
Limun 2017
Samir Janmohamed WHO Peru Best Delegate
Tawfiq Abu-Khajil League of Arab States Best Delegate
24 Trinmun 2017 Tala Hreish UNHRC UAE Highly Commended Delegate