Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for NottsMUN?

If you belong to a Model UN society, ask if they plan on registering for NottsMUN. If they’re sending a delegation, then your society will handle the registration – you only need to deal with them and get yourself a spot on your delegation.

If your Model UN society isn’t attending NottsMUN, you will soon be able to register as a delegate. Be sure to register as a ‘Single Delegate’. It may be more advantageous to attend as part of a delegation, however, as they receive priority in delegate assignments – so get your society to sign up!

If you are registering a delegation on behalf of a group, you will soon be able to register. Simply register as a ‘Head Delegate’.

When will I get my delegate assignment?

To ensure that participants are committed to the conference, we will only release delegate assignments upon payment of the delegate fee. In addition, delegate assignments will only be made and released on a rolling basis towards the beginning of October at the earliest.

How much are the delegate fees?

Delegate fees are £30. We like to bill ourselves as a great starters’ conference for delegates new to MUN, so we work hard to keep costs down.

How much are the social fees? What’s included in the social pack?

Social fees are £30. This includes food and games at Ludorati Board Game cafe, a night at Baa Bar, a casino night and 3-course dinner at Alea, and a club night at Pom Pom.

What’s included in the delegate pack?

You’ll get a lanyard and conference ID tag, a NottsMUN folder with a notepad, a conference information booklet, a placard to use in committee, refreshments and cookies for coffee breaks, and Sunday lunch (pizza).

What is the schedule of the conference?

We’re still finalising the conference’s exact schedule. However, you should plan to arrive on campus for registration by 3.00pm on the Friday of the conference.

When will the study guides be available?

We plan on releasing the study guides a month before the conference; the guides will be posted on the site, but your chairs should also be in contact with you by then to pass them to you.

Who are my chairs (if I know my assignment) and how do I contact them?

Find out who your chairs will be on the individual committee pages, once they’re published! We’ll be setting up Facebook groups to allow some discussion and ice-breaking between delegates and chairs closer to the conference!

How can I contact the NottsMUN team?

You can email us at [email protected].

Will I be guaranteed for my preferences of committee and country?

We do our best to take into account applicants’ preferences, but given that we cannot personally assess each applicant and that spaces are limited, you may not get your exact preference. How early you apply and pay for the conference will also be a factor, as we prefer not to hand out allocations before anyone’s participation is confirmed.

Also, in the case of group delegations, it is the responsibility of the Head Delegate to assign specific individuals to the group’s given slots. Lastly, allocations to specific committees depend on experience levels – some committees are geared towards beginner and intermediate delegates while others are for more experienced participants.

Regardless of the assignment, however, we will make sure you’re able to fully participate in committee. We will also take care to assign delegates to countries that can substantially participate in debate on the topic

Is there a limit on delegation size?

Generally speaking, we have allowed delegations of up to 25 participants. However, we may make exceptions depending on the needs of your delegation. We do however retain discretion in limiting delegation sizes, in the interests of maximising opportunities for institutions and individuals to participate.

When is the payment due? Where can I make payments?

All payments are due by the TBA. However, the earlier you are able to pay, the earlier we can send you your delegate assignments. Paying early will help us facilitate the event’s organisation and confirms your participation in the conference.

Instructions on how to make payments will be in NottsMUN Central.

Where will NottsMUN take place (what building)?

We’ll be confirming our exact locations at a later time. Check out “Directions” to see how you can get from your airport, rail station or bus station of arrival to the University. Do note that the University has several campuses, so don’t end up at the wrong one!

Do I need experience to take part?

Not at all! In fact, we welcome beginners and tailor our conference specifically to help newcomers to the world of Model UN take part. Our committee chairs/directors will be there to help you through committee procedure, and we’ve even rewritten our Rules of Procedure to better illustrate how committee works.

If you’re already experienced in MUN, there’s plenty here for you too – we have several specialised committees that cater to veteran participants.

How can I obtain a visa letter?

Simply follow the instructions here. Do note that we have to vet requests and attempt to confirm that applicants genuinely intend to attend the conference. The more information you can provide us, the stronger your application!

My question isn’t answered here!

Thought of something we didn’t? Shoot us an email at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!