Council of the European Union: Economic and Financial Affairs Configuration

Council of the European Union: Economic and Financial Affairs Configuration

The Economic and Financial Affairs Council, commonly known as the Ecofin Council, is responsible for economic policytaxation matters, financial markets and capital movements, and economic relations with countries outside the EU.

It also prepares the EU's annual budget and takes care of the legal and practical aspects of the single currencythe euro.

The Ecofin Council coordinates member states' economic policies, furthers the convergence of their economic performance and monitors their budgetary policies.

It also coordinates EU positions for international meetings, such as the G20, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. It is also responsible for the financial aspects of international negotiations on measures to tackle climate change.

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Bianca Getzel

Bianca Getzel


[email protected]

This year Bianca will be director of ECOFIN. She is in her 2nd year at the University of Manchester. Despite being Italian, she began MUN in America where she did high school. While in the US she was captain of her team and brought them to several conferences including HarvardMUN. At Harvard, she was a delegate in crisis committees and was in her first EU committee where she won the best delegate at HMUN. She also directed local UN forums and mock conferences. Now at uni, while being awarded, she continued participating in EU committees. Recently she’s been appointed part of Manchester’s secretariat. Her favourite topics are EU related making this committee a perfect fit. In her free time, she loves finding new coffee/food as aIl Italian stereotypes dictate.

Dimitri Delyannis

Dimitri Delyannis

Assistant Director