NottsMUN 2019 will have four committees and two crisis.

United Nations Security Council

The Security Council is responsible for maintaining international peace and security. Made up of 5 permanent members, who have veto power, and 10 temporary members who are elected for two year terms, the council determines threats to peace and aims to restore order. The committee meets whenever peace is threatened in the global community andcan obligate member states to follow its decisions.

The Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC)

The Disarmament and International Security Committeeis the first committee of the United Nations General Assembly. The committee is tasked with dealing with international threats surrounding peace and disarmament and has to figure out solutions to the challenges in order to bring peace to the global community. Topics in this committee can involve biological, technological, chemical and nuclear weapons and also the arms trade.

The Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM)

The Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee is  a committee dedicated to finding solutions to social and humanitarian issues across the globe. This committee deals with human rights issues and social development issues in respect to each delegations cultural norms and ethics. As the third committee of the General Assembly, SOCHUM seeks to improve conditions of life for all people and aid social development.

The League of Arab States

The League of Arab States an intergovernmental organisation formed of Arab states seek to promote their members’ cultural, political, economical, national and religious interests. The League of Arab States has its own Charter and is the key body when a dispute emerges between Arab nations. The League of Arab States can handle topics such as the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip and the Qatar Diplomatic Crisis, exemplifying a range of discussion that can be had between Arab nations.

Historical Joint Crisis Committee

Joint Crisis Committee

A crisis committee simulates emergency sessions that take place at the highest level of government. Crisis encourages participation as every action taken by each individual affects the outcome of each crisis situation.